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Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Online visibility is important as having locally strategic business location. Just as having a very strategic business location attracts potential customers so as great online visibility. Millions and millions of people are online most of the time, who knows, you’re biggest customers might come from these internet surfers. Many businesses around the world, found it very effective and worthwhile to establish their presence online. Now If you’re not that kind of IT-inclined guy, you might need to consult an SEO Company to establish your business online. Numerous SEO company here in the Philippines, offer different bundles and plans ranging from assessing your current business needs up to Click-Through-Rate management, etc.
Let us review top SEO companies and their bundles.
1.       Search Opt Media Inc. (SOMI)

Friday, September 30, 2011

Windows Firewall is essential for blocking viruses, hackers and malicious softwares from accessing and altering the normal operation of your computer. But there are times that you need to turn-off Windows Firewall. For example, your computer can’t connect to a network. Or you can’t join a LAN-based game. Or a software requires you to turn-off your Windows Firewall in order to be installed. So now I’ll be teaching you how to turn-off your windows Firewall.

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Performance Gauge
Sometimes when someone draws out a specific failing to our attention, our tendency is to justify ourselves. That's how a mere unwise man sees a counsel. But you know what? Our reactions show what we are, as a person, inside. If we act quite negatively, this may only show that we're shrinking in our rooms for improvement. On the other hand, when we concede that the counsel is perfectly appropriate, we're actually opening an avenue for change. Therefore, giving ourselves a chance to be more effective. That's why there's a Performance Rating per employee.

Today(09/24/2011), I received my very first Performance Rating from Search Opt Media Inc. I wasn't surprised with the results. The outcome really reflected who am I in my working environment. They have given me the points wherein necessary changes must be made. And I appreciate all those counsels. I'm viewing this Performance Rating procedure as an avenue for change, change for both in conduct and personality. :)

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Download DOTA AI Map for Free
Download DOTA AI Map now!
DOTA v6.70c AI R2
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Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Whether you want to check and read emails, listen to music, watch your favourite videos from YouTube, chitchat with your friends using your preferred Instant Messaging service, or socialize using many social networking sites, whatever you do online you always use a web browser. Web browsers are crucial for accessing our lives online. Through web browsers, intensive research of information is possible, at a blazing speed. Indeed, full internet potentials could not be harvest without a web browser. 

Nowadays, web browsers come into different shapes. From user interface designs down to the way a user experiences the web. From the first web browsers way back 1990’s, ample improvements are very noticeable. Most web browsers now offer better browsing reliability, faster web browsing and rich web experience. Minor features might include password and credentials manager, auto fill feature and private browsing session (a feature loved by people with sneaky browsing :D). So now I will show you my 2 top and favourite web browsers.